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Our Vision.

To become the leading brand and marketingagency preferred by Tanzanian corporations and government firms.

Our agency consists of proffesionals in the field of Art, computer science, economics and management. We are a growing firm and always work alongside other proffesionals across the globe just to get the job done.

Two youngmen met one fine afternoon; one tall, the other short. One light skinned and the other darker, both having distant histories and only one thing in common, "a vision to support businesses in achieving profitabillity ”.

After years of laughter, planning, research, experiment, exposure and mutual agreement, Gaze Concepts a concrete solution was born. We began around the close 2006 as individuals; artists, IT professionals and business men, but the world gradually changed, and so have we. Our expertise has adapted to cover a large septrum of branding solutions in a digital world.

Our goal is to make clients unique, more visible, more differentiated, and more relevant to their best prospects, so marketing is now just one of the tactical tools to make that happen.

Gaze concepts is an idea that seeks to make things happen.

We’re constantly developing a branding agency that we would hire.

Incorporating nearly a decade of proprietary research and application, we help African brands develop more effective identities and engagement strategies because all of our work revolves around authentic brand narratives–narratives that are felt and experienced by customers, employees, and investors at critical touch points. These narratives can be measured and managed, and over time they can give a brand significant competitive advantage.

Meet Abel Muhehe

With over 6 years’ experience in the Business Management Field, brands specialist Abel B. Muhehe certainly knows his stuff. His expertise is in the advertising field; art direction, graphic design, photography and film editing.His work has helped various sectors in the Republic of Tanzania and other famous brands in East Africa.
Meet Abel Muhehe

Meet Ken Bwire

An artist, economist,chess master, classical music loverand family man.His is a hands-on approach to work and unwavering commitment to client relationships. Keneth has developed amazing concepts for various brands all over East Africa and still emphasizes originality and uniqueness in all his work.
Meet Ken Bwire

The real question is, can you afford not to? With current market conditions, smart and demanding buyers, and the local competition, your marketing budget needs to sell your listings. Professional photography is so vital in any marketing investment.

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We deliver carefully planned out, beautiful client oriented solutions that are always intune with technology and cultural society changes that are highly relevant to profitability, needs and specifications of our clients.

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